Kameka Morrison
Kameka is an empathetic actress and communicator. It is this empathy which allows her to be a compelling performer who uses the stage as a platform to impact and entertain. She has appeared in productions such as "The Life of Joseph" and most recently, Paul Beale's "The Headgirl". She thrives on bringing conviction, passion and joy to every role!

Kameka is also an Educator and has taught in Jamaica, the Bahamas, the United States and Canada. She has also been instrumental in the preparation of students for the JCDC and other performing arts/speaking competitions internationally. Additionally, she is a trained Guidance Counsellor and budding author who uses counselling and mediation as a medium to impact the community through her motivational and public speaking workshops.

Kameka is excited to perform the multi-faceted character of "Wingy" in Marcia Brown's high quality production of DECEPTION.

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