Karrera McLaughlin
Karrera Mclaughlin was born on Dec. 19, 2007. She is a straight A student attending Esker Lake public school.

Karrera is an avid reader who enjoys writing short stories and reading them to her family.

Her first entry onto the stage was in the first production of “Pickney Sinting” in 2012. She opened the program singing “O Canada”, she was four years old. Since then, she has performed at several school concerts and has participated in the International Women’s Day celebrations at the Jamaican Canadian Association.

Karrera is active in different sports and is a member of the Cheer-Fuzion All-Stars cheerleading club. Along with her teammates, she has won a series of awards in both Canada and the USA. She likes travelling and discovering new and exciting places. One of her favourite sport is swimming.

Karrera has a six year old brother, Elijah with whom she shares many hours of playtime; while learning to manage the conflicts and disagreements which often arise between siblings.

With her strong love of animals and her enjoyment of swimming, Karrera intends to become a Marine Veterinarian.

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