Marcia Brown

Marcia Brown is the founder and artistic director of Marcia Brown Productions. She is an acclaimed producer, writer, director and performer. As one of the top female actresses in Toronto's Caribbean community, Marcia is definitely no stranger to avid theatregoers. When Marcia Brown decided to audition for the LTM National Pantomime in Jamaica more than 2 decades ago she would have never imagined that what started out a simple curiosity, would have turned out to be her greatest passion….Theatre

Then a very young single mother, Marcia was very active in her Ensom City community. She was the founder of the Ensom City Dance club, and even though she had no professional or formal training as a dancer, she was able to lead the group to sliver and bronze medal awards in the JCDC festival dance competition. After the decline of the club, she was invited by the principal of the Ensom City All Age School to be the dance teacher of their dance club and they also achieved silver and bronze medals in festival competitions.

Through her dedication and zest to learn Marcia overcame all the odds of not being a Drama School graduate, to become a well rounded and well versatile thespian, and many would agree that she is now positioned as one of the most sought after actors in our community…..from writing comedic skits to producing some of the most electrifying and memorable plays in the city, Marcia boasts a resume that really needs to be highlighted …..she writes, produces, directs, performs and recently she has been doing her thing as MC at many high profile events in the city.

Marcia has worked with some of the very best actors in Jamaica including the King of Comedy Oliver Samuels, her very close friend and mentor and Jamaica’s Queen of theatre Leonie Forbes.

To list all the plays Marcia has performed in would be way too much to mention, but the ones that are most dear to her would be her first Pantomime “Tantaloo” and her very first produced play “Country Duppy”. Other memorable LTM National Pantomimes / Plays include “Trash”, “River Mumma and The Golden Table” and “Bruckins Oliver & Cinderella", "EVE", "Against His Will", "Key for Two", "The Odd Couple", and "Playboy Of The West Indies".

Marcia the Producer
Marcia has performed in all the plays produced by her production company. This is not an easy feat, considering what’s involved in producing a play from scratch…at the same time, studying lines, developing characters and maintaining a sense of balance with the cast and crew…phew. The plays produced thus far by the company include “Common-Law”, “Wipe That Smile”, “Rosetta”, “Single Entry”, "Feminine Justice", "Children Children" and "Country Duppy". Of the lot, she directed “Wipe That Smile” & “Feminine Justice” and all have returned for encore performances at some point or another after their initial run.

Marcia the Writer
As a writer, Brown has written all the comedy-skits performed by the group and has moved comedy from stand-up Internet jokes to real live comedic situations with full costumes and all. Most of our churches, community groups, and alumni associations have experienced Marcia’s exhilarating and refreshing comedic acts at their annual or special events. Being a breast cancer survivor Marcia wrote and performed a skit titled “Ignorance” for the African Canadian Cancer Forum, which received a standing ovation and accolades from those in attendance.

Her film credits include Jason Romley's "Alone", David Sutherland's "My Father's Hands", which were both featured in the Canadian International Film Festival, as well as Marilyn Gray's “Vicious Cycles" Christine Browne's "Another Planet" and who can forget her as the feisty character “Joy” in the ever-popular film video "Front Room".

Despite her love for the arts and her many accomplishments, Marcia still maintains a full time job with a well established Financial Institution, downtown Toronto, as she puts it….”The bills have to be paid”

Marcia believes that the Jamaican/Caribbean culture is one of the richest in the world and being in a foreign land, it is very important that we never loose sight of that. It is also very important that we pass our cultural baton to our young people and encourage them to embrace it.

Marcia is a devout believer in the word of God, and everyday she gives God all the Praise, Honor and Glory, for blessing her with this wonderful gift, which she intends to use for as long as she breathes. She is blessed with a son, Michael “Avalanche” Scott.

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