Vanessa Wheatle
Throughout history we have encountered great singers, writers and musicians at certain time periods. These artists enter into our worlds and cause us to listen. We are inspired through them and moved by what and how they sing. But then a voice comes to the scene that is unique, powerful, and different and stands out. That voice brings the words of a song to life, causing us to feel so much passion. That voice is one God has anointed to touch by bringing healing and deliverance that changes us forever. In this time, such a gift has been given to us in the person of Vanessa Wheatle. A Canadian gospel singer, actress, author and Pastor who has earned the respect from world leaders, politicians and all genres across the globe.

In 2013, Pastor Vanessa competed in a unique beauty and talent competition held to showcase Black Women from a position of power, integrity and honor. Pastor Vanessa was chosen among many as “Black Canadian Queen of Mississauga” of 2014.

She is dedicated to meet the needs of others around the world. In 2014, she became the host of her own online TV show which brings the latest news, entertainment around the city. Vanessa believes the greatest investment is time supporting others for it offers the best dividends. By sharing others stories and testimonies it will bring success in others’ lives.

She has appeared in short film movies, commercials and plays. She was featured in a movie directed by “Lawrence Fishbourne” and in 2012 starred in a play “Joy in the Morning” directed by *Robin Givens, just to name few. In 2014, she released her life changing EP called “Butterfly” which features three beautiful songs. “Butterfly”, “Thank you Lord’ and “You’re the one”. Also, her sweet new perfume oil collection "Lady Vanessa" which features four fragrances titled: “Confidence”, “Butterfly*”, “Purity and “Paradise”.

She is a woman who possesses many gifts and is determined to present them to different nations yet is also pastoring a thriving church in Mississauga, Ontario, started in 2016. She is humbled for being chosen by God to be the founder of, "Victorious Works Ministries”, whose vision is to allow individuals to discover their destiny and make their dreams come alive. Vanessa’s name means butterfly. Like a butterfly that develops through a process called “metamorphosis” from being a cocoon. As the anointing from God is richly embedded in Pastor Vanessa she is able to transform and change the lives of those she embraces.

Ultimately, her desire is to impact people with her voice and preaching around the world and impart what God has given her to develop influential leaders for tomorrow. Vanessa is currently balancing work, school and business while being a single mother to her beautiful biological children. She is leaving a legacy for her children as they too share a ministry alongside her.

*A True Example of Living A Victorious Life*
*Vanessa Wheatle*

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