Children Children 2001
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Joan Andrea Hutchinson
Written By:
Joan Andrea Hutchinson, Aston Cooke
Cast: Marcia Brown, Winston “Bello” Bell, Owen “Blacka” Ellis, Judy Cox, Kevin Sinclair, Nadeen Wilson
Play Synopsis

“Children Children” is a collection of charming vignettes of West Indian primary school life in the 1970s and early 1980s. What makes it so entertaining is the fact that the children are played by adult actors. They portray themselves as eleven-year-olds displaying petty childhood boasts, malapropos, insecurities, mannerisms and their unrelenting but innocent cruelty to each other.
“Children Children” is filled with familiar ring games & songs and is very reminiscent to audiences at home and abroad.
“Children Children” is a collaborative effort of playwrights Aston Cooke and Joan Andrea Hutchinson, with music arrangement by Jon Williams.
“Children Children” will delight audiences both young and old.

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