Common Law
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Andre Wiltshire
Written By:
Aston Cooke
Cast: Marcia Brown, Naggo Morris, Terri Salmon, David Smith, Felicia Smith, Jennifer “Baby G”
Play Synopsis

Common-Law is an unflinching tour-de-force on common-law relationships in Jamaica and adjoining issues. The largely comedic/dramatic production chronicles a couple’s decline against the backdrop of a uniquely Jamaican brand of working- class society. The story is carried out with a brutal realism and raw emotion not often found on today’s Jamaican stage.

Patsy, a true romantic, is an unemployed woman has been living with her common-law husband, Winston for 15 years. In Patsy’s eyes, Winston is a good man and the one for her, despite the poor relationship she shares with his mother.

The house the couple shares also seems like the perfect home and Patsy dreams of the perfect wedding day. But one night as she brings up the topic, her dream world comes crashing down when Winston utters the unthinkable: “he has met and intends to marry another woman” When Patsy realizes her plight, she must choose between remaining a lady and fulfilling her future dreams and aspirations or succumb to revenge by whatever means necessary.

Winston’s subsequent marriage to his new found love and Patsy’s reaction to the union contribute to the development of this well-crafted comedy.

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