Country Duppy 2000
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Michael Nicholson
Written By:
Aston Cooke
Cast: Leonie Forbes, Marcia Brown, Elvis Hamilton, Kevin Sinclair and Naggo Morris
Play Synopsis

Duppy (Ghost) stories have always been part of the Jamaican cultural landscape. Jamaica folklore tells that when someone dies, the body goes to the ground, the soul to God and the spirit (duppy) lingers and roams for a while, sometimes permanently. Cooke’s hilarious Jamaican Comedy "Country Duppy" relives this aspect of the culture through the tale of a village set upon by the restive spirit of a recent departed member of the community.

Set in the cool district of Bamboo Belly, somewhere in rural Jamaica, Mammie MacIntosh, (to some, a powerful obeah woman in the district) has died and superstition has taken over the villagers.

On the day of her funeral, excitement fills the air, much in anticipation of the free food and rum that will be served after the funeral… but all that was short lived as strange things begin to happen. First Mammie coffin refuse to climb the hill to the graveside…”she put down one piece a dead weight pan dem”…..the villagers had to enlist the assistance of a cow to help haul the coffin up the hill….the weight of the coffin however was too much for the poor old cow so she drop the coffin and it bruk open…and dat was it….”Mammie duppy get whe”.

Why has she come back…and why has she taken over Ms. Beatrice’s (the village dressmaker) property? Now Miss Beatrice professes to be a non-believer in duppy stories and superstitious tales, but she has to seek the services of the local obeah-man (Bredda Zacky) to get rid of the duppy.

The chase and capture of the duppy is the essence of the plot however as the entire village awaits the reading of the will to find out who will be the rightful inheritor of Mammie Dead Leff…a stranger appears from foreign claiming to be the only daughter of the dearly departed however her sudden appearance has everyone questioning her legitimacy.

Country Duppy is a laugh riot that is bound to leave you in tears and stitches…..

Copyright © 2013 Marcia Brown Productions. All Rights Reserved.