Feminine Justice
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Marcia Brown
Written By:
Basil Dawkins
Cast: Marcia Brown, Naggo Morris, Denise Burnett, Allan Jones
Play Synopsis

Feminine Justice, written by one of Jamaica’s top playwrights Basil Dawkins, is one of the most inspiring plays you will ever see. The story is multi-layered, going to the heart of what in some circles have become commonplace, but in others remain, a taboo.  It brings to light the misconceptions that certain domestic situations are ailments of the so-called lower class, under-privileged, uneducated society or, associated only with single (common-law) relationships.

Swept off her feet by Wilton Chambers, a psychologist with power, wealth, status and fame, Vilma thought it might be the best thing that could have happened to her. Wilton however turned out to be a abusive husband (physically and verbally) and she is manipulated by her mother (who has become accustomed to Wilton’s lavish gifts) to keep this “little matter” under-cover …after-all Wilton is a psychologist who is well recognized by the medical fraternity as astute professional. He is respected by the Bishop in his church as a honourable man, faithful in his giving, so his reputation would be damaged, not to mention his bruised ego if this came to light.

By divine order, he experienced a serious life-threatening motor vehicle accident, and on his way to the pits of Hell he is confronted by the “Higher Power” who happens to be a Female…begging and pleading for his life, he is painfully reminded of his earthly actions, painted in the most graphic, horrific and stomach wrenching scenes that he himself found hard to observe. He must however face the consequences of those actions. What does he do when he discovers his destiny, lies in the hands of a woman!!!

His wife on the other hand, must come to terms and accept responsibilities for her own limitations. Will she lower her pride and receive fact-facing truths from a simple, uneducated and seemingly underprivileged gardener!!!

Feminine Justice is thought provoking and evokes much emotion. The subject matter is not for laughs – but with the witty lines penned by Dawkins it certainly has it’s ample share of belly-full-of laughs throughout the play.

Feminine Justice received awards for Best Drama, Best New Jamaican Play and the most coveted, Best Production, from the International Theatre Institute (Jamaica Chapter) in 1999.

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