I Need to Know My Father 2016
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The often heard, yet sometimes brushed aside scenario in too many homes, are childlike phrases “I Need To Know My Father” – “Where is My Father” – “Who Is My father” – Mi Nuh Got No Father”.  In this play I Need To Know My Father the varied realities of life come up front and centre. Set in what could be ‘anywhere’ Jamaica, the story tells of a young girl who is the product of a shunned union who is determined to get answers to secrets held.

When it is alleged that her one and only child Jonathan Bonavich Jr. is responsible for impregnating her maid’s 16 year old granddaughter (Sarah Perkins), the overbearing, condescending Mrs. Claire Bonavitch; who has very low tolerance for those deemed beneath her is determined to ensure that this little flame is extinguished forthwith, after-all, Jonathan Jr. is of high breeding and is studying abroad to be a Lawyer (following in the footsteps of his father Jonathan Bonavich Sr.)

Sarah’s grandparents, Lou and Roy Perkins are lowly Christian folks, with Roy holding the post as a deacon in the local community church. Sarah is also an active youth leader in the church so getting pregnant at 16 and to top it off “out-of-wedlock” has gone against the Christian preaching and teaching of her grand- parents. After this unfortunate circumstance is revealed to Miss Lou by way of “Fish Dreams” (and of course there is no denial that pregnancy is in the air when a grandmother “dream si fish - because the fish never lies”) the Perkins decide to take Sarah to the Bonavich’s estate “to see to it” that their son accepts responsibility for this situation…and all hell breaks loose.

Claire Bonavich is livid and does not mince her words in reminding “these people” of who they are, where they come from and the fact that her son would never lower his standards to mingle with the likes of their grandchild. In keeping with the “Christian thing to do” the Miss Lou and Mass Roy accepts full responsibility Sarah’s action and here again another child will be named “Perkins” due the vicious cycle of fatherlessness in this family.

I Need To Know My Father is real. In watching the play, be prepared to be moved to tears whether from humor or that emotional crevice we seldom bring in public realms where you cry because it resonates or tear up for apathy.  For one show you will be locked in an auditorium and enthralled by the action on stage. You will forget time and space and you may leave questioning the realities in our communities and hoping that this play is made into a movie for mass consumption. 

I Need to Know My Father” is rated FTEF – For The Entire Family
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