About Pickney Sinting

August 6, 2012 Jamaica celebrated 50 years of Political independence and Jamaicans all over the world marked this historic year by hosting various festivities and celebratory events. In Canada, Marcia Brown Productions (MBP) produced "PICKNEY SINTING" a spectacular event, showcasing the talents of over 100 "Pickney" in areas of singing, dancing, drama, drumming, instrument playing and more. Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the performances of the children (age range 4 - 18) and all agreed that Pickney Sinting should be an annual event as it clearly provided another avenue for the youths, to take part in an event that is “their own”.

So Pickney Sinting is now an annual event. The children and their parents/guardians are ecstatic about this annual program and MBP’s primary mandate is to ensure that the “Pickney Sinting Experience” for each child, leaves an indelible mark in their lives.

MBP has partnered with the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) and their annual scholarship awards program to channel the proceeds from Pickney Sinting. The JCA scholarship awards program provides financial assistance by way of scholarships and bursaries to students from disadvantaged/low income household with proven scholastic abilities, and community involvement in pursuing post-secondary education in colleges/universities across Ontario. MBP will also work with other charitable/non-profit organizations (specifically those that provide social assistance to children) to raise funds for their groups through Pickney Sinting presentations.
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