Rosetta 2007
Produced By:
Marcia Brown
Directed By: Marcia Brown
Written By:
Hall Anthony Ellis
Cast: Marcia Brown, Naggo Morris, Letna Allen, Walconique Shirley, Stacy-Ann Buchanan, John Phillips, Amanda Ingram, Sugar
Play Synopsis

Rosetta is an extraordinary Jamaican play written by one of Jamaica’s most outstanding authors, Hall Anthony Ellis. Set in the year 1888, “Rosetta” takes a dramatic and in-depth look at the aftermath of slavery. It underlines the indignities and atrocities that were meted out to the freed “Blacks” and their offspring.

The plot focuses on the Baron family, the Overseer and a neighbor Miss Mini, however, “Rosetta” successfully captures the feel of the entire district. Papa Baron is a lay preacher, who has worked all his life at Silver Hill Great House, owned by Baccra Constable (the provider for all the people in this small district). His wife Freda Baron, a very loving and dutiful wife who respects her husband as the head of the family, even though she often struggles with some of his beliefs and actions.

The Baron children (Rosetta & Samson), in true slave tradition, are expected to follow in their father’s footsteps and work on Baccra Constables’ estate. Papa Baron is therefore quite delighted when Rosetta is offered a job as a house helper at Silver Hill Great House. Papa Baron considers it a great privilege that Rosetta is called for such a “respectable position”. Rosetta has no choice but to accept since no one dares to defy Papa Baron. Samson on the other hand, does not wish to work for Baccra Constable and passionately detests the position his family is in. He is determined to be the one to break the cycle.

As the story unfolds, we see the entrance of the pompous and much hated Overseer, considered a sell-out by his own. We also get to know Miss Mini (the extremely colorful village gossiper), who vows to expose Baccra Constable at whatever cost, BUT is she the only one?

“Rosetta” is a historical ride, which evokes much emotion. It is filled with intense drama, suspense and “Yes” laughter.

“Rosetta” is highly recommended for the entire family. The script is clean and the characters are real - in short “Rosetta” is a Theatrical experience that should not be missed.

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