Single Entry
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Michael Nicholson
Written By:
Aston Cooke
Cast: Marcia Brown, Terri Salmon, Naggo Morris, Michael Scott, Kevin Sinclair
Play Synopsis

Aston Cooke's award winning “Single Entry” is a hilarious Jamaican comedy set in present time. It looks at the lives of two Jamaican women desirous to the US in search of a better and the ingenious strategies they crafted to obtain the much coveted US visas. From the funeral of a non- existent relative, to a wannabe ‘uptowner' who wants to ‘dash up to NY to visit a friend, the sisters cook up reasons for travel complete with forged passports, bank statements and employer's letters and stand in line at the US Consulate.

To the disappointment of the women, the Big Apple isn't everything it is boasted to be as their first night revealed an apartment building that is just as run down as where they were from in Jamaica. Further drama unfolds as playwright Cooke explores man/woman, parent/child relationships, drug dealing in New York, but most importantly, the resilience of these two Jamaican women facing economic hardships while vowing to stay in NY despite the conditions.

“Single Entry” is filled with side-splitting laughter, and warm nostalgia. “Single Entry” won the 2003 Jamaican Actor Boy Award for BEST COMEDY.

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