Wipe That Smile
Produced By:
Marcia Brown Productions
Directed By: Marcia Brown
Written By:
Kay Osborne
Cast: Marcia Brown, Naggo Morris, Elvis Hamilton, Nadeen Wilson, Clive Braham
Play Synopsis

Wipe That Smile is beautifully written by Jamaican Playwright Kay Osbourne.  It was first produced in the 70’s under the auspices of the Jamaica School of Drama and the Barn Theatre as experimental theatre.

Emerging alongside reggae music at the time, the play formed part of a group of socially critical nationalist plays such as “Smile Orange”, which aimed to look at the crisis in class, and racial oppression, which had impacted particularly on urban black working class life and culture. 

Wipe That Smile looks at the alternatives facing a family struggling to make ends meet in an improvised community. While media obsessions have stereotyped Jamaicans as drug barons and violent criminals, the play illuminates why it is that this alternative can exert influence in “any” society choking in economic crisis. Wipe That Smile confronts the problems, the causes, the symptoms and the effects.

“Wipe That Smile” is Hilarious, Dramatic, Moving, Riveting, Captivating, Engaging and Meaningful

“Wipe That Smile” is a slice of Jamaican Life that is spirited and tangy

“Wipe That Smile” Will Make you laugh and it will make you Cry

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